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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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been set on purpose during the holy month of ramadan units i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. six people were killed at the shooting rampage, four others critical wounded. federal a little say the gun was bought legally, and they haven't yet established a motive for the attack. a civil rights group says the gunman played in a white supremacist band. more now from the scene in oak creek, wisconsin. >> reporter: doreen, we know the alleged shooter, wade michael page had an arrest record, mostly for drunk driving. we know he was dishonorably discharged from the army, but it's his private life that's really drawing the attention. >> his name is wade michael
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page. >> a known skinhead, police say they were still working on a motive for sunday's attack. >> who he is, what he has done in the past. the possibility of his being in other reports of other law enforcement are things -- >> which tracks hate gripes says page was a no name. >> which is an extremely violent skinhead group. >> despite page's known as stan tuesday, the fbi set he was never on their hate group lay dar as a posed threat. >> we had no reason to believe, as far as i know, no law enforcement agency had any reason to believe he was platting, plotting or capable of such violence. >> reporter: president obama said american was stand up to the hate that may have led to --
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>> i think the american people plead reply recoil against those kinds of attitudes. >> reporter: the atf says the gun was bought legally. >> we know where it came from, how it was purchased, and we are satisfied we know how it ended up in the hands of this killer republican police say page used that gun in an ambush on lieutenant brian murphy, shot eight or nine times, but still stayed heroically focused on his jobs. >> he had been shot nine times, one very serious. he waved them off, told them to go into the temple to assist those in there. >> the sikh community is still asking why. we also talked to a neighbor, who said he was a nice guy. the neighbor did say he was upset about a recent breakup
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with the girlfriend. we have more tonight. pete williams is with you tonight. >> born in colorado, went into the army, a promising career to start with. he was promoted eventually to start started he is several arrested, but nothing to indicate a predisposition to violence. he was in two bands that were considered racist, but though he talked about his music and those the songs certainly have that kind of flavor, he never expressed a preference to violence or urged people to undertake violence. neighbors who lived near him said he never talked about it, though other people say he wasn't in any way embarrassed
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about his white supremacist views. one neighbor who lived where he did for half the year last year in north carolina said there was white supremacist literature, and she asked him some questions and he made anti-semitic comments, but his motive is really a mystery. >> there's some suspicion he had mistaken sikhs for muslims. >> as one investigator told me today, that's one of the big questions. they just don't know. they searched his house last night. it may be that some of these groups don't like anybody who isn't white, so maybe they thought the sikhs fit that description. maybe he was confused that they were muslims. . it's not clear yet. >> and we assume he's operating alone. >> he bought the gun just in the past week or so, so if he was thinking about it, we don't know -- >> do we know why wisconsin?
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>> that's where he was living. >> thank you, pete. we hope you'll stay tuned for more. brian williams will have more from london. we're following a developing story out of southwest missouri. they're trying to figure out a fire? joplin was deliberately set. the blaze started about 4:00 this morning. the building was completely destroyed. it was vacant at the time. just a few hours before, they had been observing the holy month of ramadan. authorities say it's the second suspicious fire at the mosque in about a month. there are hours and storms to our south, a bit of a cooldown. doug has the latest on the forecast. >> yeah, we were talking about that, doreen, a bit of a coolout. >> the heat index yesterday well over 100.
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believe it or not, we still have the 90 degrees. right now, winds out of the north at about 6 miles an hour. so we'll stay on the mild and humid side. 84 down towards culpepper, so temperatures are a bit cooler, but the showers have stayed down to our south. but the showers will return. the storms will return, temperatures they're going back up, too. we'll talk about it coming up. thanks, doug. at the games in london, the international olympic committee has disqualified an american, one of the judo contestants after he failed a drug contest. gabby douglas going for another gold on the uneven bars. and olympic champion katie ledecky, our own, is coming home. a lot of action with another medal for team usa, a track star made a big push if another gold
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medal. now mark barger is live in london. >> reporter: good evening. unfortunately another athlete failing a drug test. this is the first to fail a test here at the games. unfortunately it's an american. he is admitting he made a really big mistake. another first for the london olympics and team usa, but not the kind organizers wanted. american judo competitor nicholas dipapolo has tested positive. he's the first athlete here in london to failed, he says he unknowingly ate food laced with marijuana before the games began. the u.s. picked up another bronze medal. matt emmons, and localo jones won her first heat in the 100-meter hurdles, seeking redemption after her heartbreaking stumble in beijing. that's the reason she says she
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didn't take today's race for granted. >> it's hurdles, it's fair game, you have to get over all ten. that's what i love about it. don't ever bet on the hurdles. it's a terrible thing to bet on. >> tossing a bottle at a track meet is also not a good idea, about you that alleged move landed a 34-year-old man in court today. featuring gold medalists. it's unacceptable in nits sports venue. >> the man arrested -- the bottle incident had no effect on the race. >> he's still the king of 100. >> it set off a jubilant celebration in london's jamaican community. bolt will try to add gold in the 200 meters beginning tomorrow. also here a contest that just wrap up a short while ago, the u.s. women's sogger team in
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overtime. this was a thriller. it puts them in the gold medal game against japan on thursday. jim, back to you. >> thanks, mark. a hometown olympian will hear even more cheers tonight. katie ledecky is set to return in about 90 minutes from now. many fans will be there to greet her. she took gold in the 800-meter freestyle, the youngest member of the usa team. we'll have a live report from dulles airport for a special homecoming. everything is back to normal tonight. the shopping center was evacuated because of a gas leak. people in several stores and a movie theater there were told to leave. nobody was hurt, and the cause of the gas leak still isn't clear. a young man has been charged with murder tonight in the death of another teenager in pring georges county. had happened just after midnight. investigators say dare sales of ft. washington shot and killed
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18-year-old anthony boatwright during an attempted robbery. they say the two got into a fight and sayles shot before running away. >> it appeared these two individuals happened to come across each other, had a verbal altercation, and the suspect produced a handgun and shot the victim. police do not believe that sayles and the victim knew each other. the same crisis management expert who advised monica lewinsky is reportedly notice working with mate yor gray's staff. the spokesman for the firm said that gray's staff met with judy smith recently, but smith does not have a role in the administration. three of gray's campaign aides have pled guilty to federal crimes, including a longtime friend who admitted for facilitating a $650,000 shadow campaign.
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the convention is at the end of the month if tampa today the first list of speakers was announced john mccain will address the group, former secretary of state condoleezza rice, nikki haley and new mexico's governor susanna martinez. there's also world today that mitt romney will launch a new four-state bus tour on saturday. governor mcdonnell will join him. coming up, it's being called the monster fire, but firefighters may soon be getting help from. emergency calls go unanswered at prince george's county and now major changes are being made. never mind the 2012 olympics. could washington and the washington suburbs host the 2024
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olympics? some people think it's a good idea. i'll have the story coming up. hugs and high-fives all around for the touchdown of nasa's
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parts of northern india has been devastated. yesterday a scam ra was rolling when a two-story home was swept away. the water caused the foundation to give way. people could only stand there and watch. at least 2,000 residents have been affected. 31 people have died. cooler temperatures today in oklahoma helped the firefighters get a handled on the wildfires ripping through that state.
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evacuation orders in some towns have been lifted. a lot of people remain at emergency shelters. people confirm they discovered a body inside a home that was destroyed by the wildfires. in the town of luther, police are investigating to see if a fire was intentionally set. there are still 12 fires, and more than 78,000 acres have been destroyed. a lot of celebration today about the early stages of an elaborate mission to mars. early this morning, the nasa rover called curiosity landed safely on the red planet. it was a scene watched by hundreds of people as it played out live up in times square. moments after that successful touchdown. the crowd erupted in cheers as well they should. they weren't the only one celebrating. after a harrowing eight-month journey through space and nail-biter of a
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landing, curiosity was already hard at work, including this one. >> the surface mission has now begun. >> if this was the olympics curiosity would have already medaled. >> we weren't sure we were going to win, but this came back with a gold. >> they celebrated like overjoyed parents when curiosity sent the message it had gotten there safely. >> i think that this station is a truly great representation of a corner or a piece of humanity though reaches out and explores -- >> shows the parachute as it deployed. a million things could have gone wrong, burning up $2.5 billion and eight years of painstaking
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labor, but the seven minutes of terror that the scientists called the landing process was carried out perfectly, putting it right where it needs to be in the middle of this craters which holds billions of years of geological history. >> we were going to dereply the sensing mask to take these beautiful panoramas that we have all been waiting to see. >> now curiosity will see if the red planet has the potential for hosting life. gina kim, nbc news, pasadena, california. >> wow. >> slowed it down from 13,000 miles an hour. >> to zero, right? >> to a perfect landing. that's incredible. >> wilt coolest things we've been able to win. obviously landing a man on the move, but this is landon an suv on a planet. the mathematics involved here, if they wanted to put it on this v right here that "says vance in the krkt here, don't know why
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it's pink, vance, but don't worry about it, but they could land it right there. >> you think about the trouble of with your remote on the tv, sometimes getting that to work, and they're controlling all this from that kind of a distance. >> i just cannot wait to see what comes of this mission. a little bit cooler than we had to suffer through yesterday. >> today's the coolest day in the last five. >> okay. >> what does that say? not much. >> it's not -- >> that's exactly what that -- we have seen 90 degrees so far in the month of august, we have not seen that since 2007. today a high of 93 degrees, we hit 96 last thursday, 96 on friday, 96 on saturday. 98 yesterday, today 93, and we call that a cooldown. now, out there right now, today actually the 41st day at or
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above 90 degrees. we average about 30 every summer. right now we're just getting into the month of all. there are some cooler spots around the region. it's a little warmer. not nearly as bad as it has been. that's been good news. as we look towards the radar. coming into fauquier county, and that's about it. it shows you a lot of rain, down towards -- down toward the southern portion, but for us, we're just seeing some cloud cover. we'll continue to see those clouds throughout most of the evening. this frontal boundary that's right now just down to our
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south. another storm down to our south, tropical storm ernesto, which really flared up overnight, and now since looks like in a bit of a weakening phase. still winds are at 5 miles an hour, making it a very strong tropical storm. then back to a tropical storm as it moves back into mexico. no kurn here. no longer even a tropical question, now a post-tropical storm. high pressure over our renal many. here's that boundary. slight chance of a shower. we will get a better chance of storms on wednesday, maybe long the chesapeake bay breeze, so we'll be watching out for that, as we make our way through the end of the week, though, the rain chances start to go up.
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temperatures this e78 to about 84 degrees. rather warm and humid across the region. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, warm and humid. 65 for about 75. as we move on through the day tomorrow, once again i think most should remain on the dry side, but a better chance of showers to the south. you know what, we we may have to bump that to 93 attorney. 89 on friday. maybe even early on saturday, we're watching that storm big time, because that one could bring us some beneficial rain for everything, not just for some. >> okay. thank you, doug. coming up, the swine flu is back, and health officials have a specific warning for people who are headed to local and state fares.
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? sports tonight, rg3 only three days away from his first game. what the quarterback is looking forward to in. preseason opener. awaiting the arrival of an olympic gold medalist and olympic i got the chanced to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves.
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we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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a gruel olympic event, but didn't she make it look easy? >> yes. >> katie ledecky all smiles, and it's still hard to believe this child is only 15 years old. >>. excitement is far from over for this youngest olympian. >> she has a lot of fans the. right now she's flying home.
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erika gonzalez joins us live with more on her golden home coming. >> reporter: hi snoosh here we go. t-minus one hour and counting. at last check, her flight from london is on schedule to arrive here by 7:30. just a few minutes ago, her classmates from stonyridge loaded up in a bus and they are headed this way as we speak. the 15-year-old sophomore phenom blew her competition out of the water last friday and the 800-meter freestyle. i want to tell you, what we have heard is this sensation is ready to come home, do a few interviews and get her head in the game for school, coming up later this monday, if you can believe that, from olympics to just being a sophomore in high school. incredible. we are here, waiting for her, we're live at the
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disinternational airport. finches tenth grade can be challenging, too. >> it's one of the many things that makes her so charming, the way she handles it all. with all the excitement around, some people are already looking ahead to the 2024 games. >> how about that? the washington/baltimore region lost the bid to host this year's game, but some say it's not too early. tom sherwood shows us what could factor into another bid. >> reporter: with the focus on the london games, there's new talk that the washington region could consider trying again for the 2024 game. >> i've supported our bid. i was hugely behind it, but this is a different story. we want to talk to our business leaders and our community before we step behind something like that. it's worthy of consideration.
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>> tony williams helped promote the 2012 bid. the d.c. region lost out to new york city, which then lost to london. williams and other regional leaders emphasized any potential bid would take a lot of thought, commitment and planning in the region. board of trade president jim deniger. >> wonderful partners, great venues. so much going on. having said that, it's an enormous undertaking and a marathon, not a sprint. >> barbara lange was also part of the 2012 bid. a manch undertaking, and i think that it would be nice if regional partners would come together, but we can only do this if it's a regional initiatives. >> reporter: passersby had mentioned feelings. >> i think it would be great for
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the area and the olympic. >> reporter: what about the 2024 olympics in the washington/baltimore area? >> no. no. we can't handle. we can't handle traffic. we can't handle electricity going on. we have a bad thunderstorm, everything goes out. it's going to be so embarrassing. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. the man accused in the deadly shooting rampage in tucson may plead guilty. sources tell nbc nubs that ja d loughner is a -- gabby giffords sur1r50i6d, but six others were killed. patients who tame common blood pressure drugs for long periods of time may have an increased risk for cancer of the lip. experts say some drugs used to treat high blood pressure have a side effect that makes patients more sensitive to night.
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the cancer was found in the squamous cells, which are part of the outermost layers of skin. they say the risk is low, and in most cases they say the benefits of taking blood pressure medication outweigh the risk for cancer. some troubling news in a report on emergency response times in prince george's county. six fire stargts have high failure to respond rates. that's what it's called when emergency calls go united states answered. >> reporter: in an emergency, a quick response may be the difference between life and death. prince george's officials are reviewing a county stat report that evaluates whether fire stargts answered emergency calls within one minute. if not, it was recorded as a missed call. riverdale height station failed to respond to 31% of its emergency calls within a minute.
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capitol heights station missed calls 30% of the time. boulevard heights station, 32%. in all, six stations failed to responsibility to emergency calls at what's considered an alarming rate. the chief of the riverdale height fire department tells news4 they may not have answered every call within 60 seconds, but they did respond to the calls with emergency apparatus in a timely fashion. barry stanton is the county chief. >> if you look at staffing, this use year i think the county council increased or compliment almost by 70 firefighters. we got a grant from the senator's office for 18 additional firefighters to add to the complement of the forest service. the union that represents professional firefighters and paramedics says the chronic understaff problem is finally being addressed. >> we've been working with the
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baker administration over the last 18 months to work towards a long-term plan to improve our staffing which will ultimately translate into improving the safe of our members and the safety of the citizens of the county. >> geographically aspirin george's is the largest county in maryland. it said the combined department is the biggest in the country. it hopes that by trying to improve the responsible it willb considered one of the best. visitors to the wing of the air and space museum in chantilly museum pay $15 to park. now authorities say for years some of that money has been going into the pockets of three parking lot attendants. detectives arrested two women from virginia. they've been charged with stealing more than $400,000 in parking fees over the past three years. all of them were caught on camera unplugging the automatic
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vehicle counters so the stolen money wouldn't be miss ed. as of this morning, beltway construction is finished. that means there are now five travel lanes in eve direction between the wilson bridge and eisenhower avenue. now the only things that are left is near telegraph and minor work along the shoulders. it began back in october of 2000. it's expected to be 100% complete sometime next year. the end of summer means it's time for the fair, but this year there is new concern about swine flu. several cases of the flu have been linked to fairs across 9 country. julie carey has a report on how to protect your family. >> i don't eat around the pigs and as soon as i get done messing with them, i wash my hands. >> reporter: those are some of the rules brian follows when he
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raises these pigs. now those guidelines and others are getting nationwide attention, while alerted health officials in dozens -- apparently picked up a strain of swine flu from animals at fairgrounds. >> so far the cases have been similar. >> in the 4h barn, exhibitors and their parents were just catching up to news of the cdc alert. >> it's very surprising. i haven't heard anything about it until. >> but like ryan, he has protoc protocol. that's one suggestions from the cdc. it recommends people in high-risk groups avoid touching pigs altogether. some who can't resist should wash their hands thoroughly, and everyone should avoid eating and
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drinking in animal areas. >> here in warren county, aside from keeping the sanitize are handy, they won't be doing any different. in -- >> we're recommending extra hand washing stations around where there's petting and whatnot. we're also asking them to put up signs to encourage people to wash their hands. >> all food areas will be star from the barns, and animals brought to the fairgrounds will be screened for illness, but those who choose to pet the pigs will still be allowed. it's all part of the fair experience. coming up on news4, new additions to the national zoo family have pretty big names to live up to. how are we looking? >> most of the storms way down to the south. that's good news, but they're going to return back our way. i'll show you when we have the best ch
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the olympic games have inspired the names of the zoo's cheetah cubs. just before the games started, the zoo promised to named them after the fastest americans in the men and women's 100-meter dash. they now go by the names of carmelita and justin. the best chance to see the cubs is between 10:00 in the morning and 1:00 in the afternoon. that's when they have access to the yard at the zoo. i ike like to go see them. the federal government wants private pilots to start using another life-saving beacon that could help speed up rescues. so why are most pilots opposed to that move? investigative reporter tisha thompson has a preview of in what you'll see. >> reporter: the maryland civil air patrol is on a mission. the target -- the news4 i-team.
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>> i'm by myself. i don't even have a photographer. i'm supposed to be a pilot and that's supposed to be my airport. the question is -- where am i? >> the captain is flying as close as he can. >> we can only see the trees. >> the real-life examples show, which is why private planes are required to have emergency transmitters. we'll show you why so many pilots across the country are fighting a new regulation, and why the ntsb says you, the taxpayer ultimately foot the bill when pilots refuse to use the beacons. tonight a special edition. tisha thompson, news4 i-team. sports is coming up. the jets, they're beating each other's heads in. why they're doing
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and hello, everybody. not a bat evening out there. still a bit on the warm side, still a little humid, too. current temperature 90 degrees. that heels index at 91. temperatures around the rest of the region -- so a bit on the warm side this evening, but that's about it. we're going to remain on the dry side, just about all of us. here's one exception. northern portions of culpepper warn, just to the west of warrenton, and fauquier county, a bit of a shower here. the rest of the storm's down to the south and that's where they'll remain. . temperatures tomorrow, back around the 90 degree mark, 91 coming in tomorrow in washington.
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guys? thank you, doug. we're hoping that vance has enough voice left to do the sports. >> let's hope. there's no guarantee. we are officially now for the first time this season in redskins game week. it's a preseason opener against the bills. what it really is, is the first time somebody's going to actually try to take robert griffin iii's head off and mean it. comcast sportsnet's chick hernandez knows what it's like. how's he feeling out there, chick? how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling good, barry white. >> oh, baby, oh, baby. >> i feel fine, but i'm not sure how robert griffin will feel after thursday night. his right guard goes down today. that means three-fifths of the offensive line is nicked up. three days until the redskins take on the buffalo bills.
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the anticipation is going through the roof to see robert griffin iii play for the first time on the nfl stage. so the question was posed -- any nerves? >> i think i'll be more anxious than nervous. when you're anxious, you can't way to go succeed. i go out and look frard to being successful, you know, for this franchise. in that sense, yeah, i'm anxious to go out and get it started. all right. so now griffin has played 41 games at baylor, is versatile. one of the big question marks, as we enter week 2, is how will they enof using the rookie qb. it's a dilemma any head coach would love to have. >> i think what you do during camp is you find what people do the best. especially their first year. what are these most comfortable with. you try to adopt your offense to what people can do. it's a learning experience, you know, that first and second year, you get a chance, you
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know, a look through practices, and obviously these preseason games and see what he's most comfortable with. >> all right. if you want to see the starters on thursday night, look for the first 12 to 20 plays. that's when the first unit will play. vance, one of the great scenes after practice, london fletcher got in a fight during saturday's practice, so he was disciplined by the head coach mike shanahan. had to run gassers, and the rest of the defensive unit said if he runs, we run. amazing to see a 15-year veteran -- imagine that says when a 15-year vet has to do gassers. >> that's impressive, that sounds like somebody like lombardi would do. >> i did one gasser, and we're lucky i'm here. >> i know it's rough out there, man. >> thank you. news4 is your official
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redskins station. you can catch the preseason opener this thursday on nbc nonstop. those are their several options you have. we'll have complete highlights on the game on news4 following the olympics on that night. let's go to the jets camp now. i want you to check out this play. this is dan ton lynn pushing an jersey mcknight out of bounds. mcknight throws ball and lind, and then it's on. it is on. both players start throwing punches. about 20 players got involved in this big fight, which spilled into the media area, only about ten feet away from the fans, all in all, it lasted about a whole minute. that's a long time for a fight to go, but not what ear there for, unless, in the words of some coaches, that might be exactly what you want to see your team doing when you've got a football game coming up. down a level now, terps
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preparing to rebound now. 2011 was marred by a quarterback controversy that was really ugly. danny o'brien hit the bench in favor of sophomore c.j. brown. this year o'brien is not there to take that kind of insult. he split. brown is now the man and he's ready to take the reins. >> coming into camp this year, i feel confident. it doesn't take any less pressure off me. i still have to go out and work my tail off and go out there and compete and show what i can do. >> i think he's done a tremendous job, you know, working to make himself better fundamentally, and as a quarterback, but also he is really, you know, taking the leadership role to another level. he's somebody that understands exactly what needs to be done in order to get to where we want to
6:51 pm
get to. so he's just a guy that just works. >> let's hope it's better with the terps this year. baseball, nats are in houston, kicking off a ten-game road trip, but you know what? being away from nationals park is not such a terrible thing, because they own the best road record. they play pretty well at nats park, too. they 3 out of 4 from the mar shins. strasburg pitching the final gale. he was solid. not bad, and you know this by now, that kid can hit. book, one out into right field. jayson werth and danny espinoza, strasburg is now batting .343, with 7 rbis this season. bottom of the ninth, he's looking for his first save since
6:52 pm
returning from elbow surgery. he got it. a scoreless ninth, first save since last september. the nats won 4-1, looking for their first series wince in houston since all the way back in 2007. an olympic note tonight, in the 122nd minute, the u.s. women's soccer team beat canada 4-3. >> i saw it. it was awesome. >> it was exciting. they are going to face japan in the gold medal game. we'll have much more on that thriller on news4 tonight after the olympics. that was a really great game. so many good stories. >> they never stop coming. fun to watch. coming up, it seems like everybody has an ipad. well, now ever
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one more check on our weather. >> 93 degrees today, much cooler than yesterday's 98. didn't you feel it? >> tomorrow 91. you know what is it probably will be 93 tomorrow, too. 93 on wednesday, 93 on thursday, a better chance of storms thursday and friday. tomorrow and wednesday about a 30% chance, most should be to
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the south, but thursday and friday, a good chance of showers and thunderstorms for just about everybody. some could be strong on thursday. then friday maybe a good bat of rain for just about everybody. friday could be the day if this comes together the right way. that should help to cool things down. we may actually get into the mid 80s. >> thank, doug. a whole lot of classrooms are usable tab lett computers, but a zoo in texas is trying it out with the animals. it's a program they call cleverly apps for apes. zookeeper hold up i pads for them to use. they test out of the different apps to see which they like best. they say it's especially important to keep them mentally stimulated while in captivity, but they're about eight times as long as humans, so they have to
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tap thor screens through the fence. >> i thought i was playing words with friends with one of
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